Hornsea Project Three – Further Statutory Consultation

Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm (Hornsea Three) hereby notify you of commencement of further formal consultation on our proposed development under the Planning Act 2008.

In considering responses to the first round of Statutory Consultation (27 July to 20 September 2017) and through ongoing design development, Hornsea Three has identified locations where works are now proposed beyond the 200 metre wide onshore cable corridor search area and offshore cable corridor search area previously presented. Please find attached the formal notification detailing the consultation, location of the documents including an overview plan and how to respond – Section 42 Notice, Section 42 Overview PlanSection 48 Notice. All the consultation materials including detailed plans and a document providing more information on the potential alternative routes offshore can also be viewed/downloaded from our website www.hornseaproject3.co.uk/further-consultation

Hornsea Three welcomes your comments on the proposed additional areas shown within the attached consultation plan. Please note that the consultation closes at midnight on 22 December 2017.

If you responded to our previous Statutory Consultation, your comments have been received and are being considered by the Project. You do not need to resubmit your comments relating to the original consultation area or the scheme as a whole, only any comments relevant to the new areas identified here


Big Yellow Bikes come to Norwich

ofo are bringing bikes to hire into Norwich They have successful schemes in Cambridge and Oxford

The bikes will be strategically placed around Norwich, initially in a very tight geographic area with the intention of increasing that area over time. County Hall, railway station and shopping centre will be likely places.
The bikes are simple, robust and bright yellow. A solar powered back light and a dynamo supported front light are fitted. Chain guard and mudguards are standard

You download a free app, you can see nearest bike and you can unlock the bike by a barcode. The use is free for the first 2 weeks after launch and then it will cost 50p for every half an hour up to a maximum of £5 for the day.
The bikes have GPS and to keep to their green ethos bikes are moved around the area by people not a man collecting with a van as in London. They do not have docking stations and can be left at any bike stand.

Norfolk Master Composters

Norfolk Master Composters started in November 2006. The main aim of the programme is to raise awareness amongst the wider public of the benefits of composting, through a network of volunteer advisors.  Since its inception, 246 trained volunteers have spent over 8,500 hours promoting home composting in the county.  The Norfolk programme operates as a partnership between Garden Organic and Norfolk County Council.

Norfolk County Council: Plan ahead this Christmas

Plan ahead this Christmas

Shoppers travelling to Norwich this Christmas are being asked to plan their journeys ahead to help keep the city’s roads moving as freely as possible.

It’s part of efforts by a partnership including the city and county councils, local business representatives and transport providers, which is preparing for the busiest time of the year on the Norwich road network.

Traffic marshals, extended hours on Park & Ride and electronic messaging signs are all being used to help share information and keep people on the move.

In addition, an online journey planning page bringing together a range of useful websites is available at www.norfolk.gov.uk/journeyplanning. It includes links to bus timetables, liftshare, on-street parking options and real-time availability for the city’s multi-storeys.

Councillor John Fisher, Norfolk County Council chair of Norwich Highways Agency Committee (NHAC), says: “We understand that shoppers want choice when it comes to their Christmas trips but by asking people to plan ahead and make informed choices, we hope it will spread any pressure on the network more evenly.

“Whether it’s using Park & Ride or checking in advance the best place to park, these small steps could make a big difference when it comes to reducing traffic congestion in the city centre.”

Councillor Mike Stonard, Norwich City Council vice-chair of NHAC, says: “Christmas is always going to be a busy time for the city’s roads but by working together and with the help of shoppers and visitors, we hope to keep traffic moving as freely as possible.

“A break in all planned road works from mid-November will also keep any disruption to a minimum during this time.”

Stefan Gurney, Executive Director of Norwich Business Improvement District, said: “We are really pleased to continue working with our city partners to reduce possible delays during this peak Christmas period. The embargo on roadworks will work for all modes of transport, along with clear transport information in large signage at key routes allowing customers and visitors to make an informed decision on how to get into the city and reduce possible delays.”

Variable Messaging Signs (VMS) are being used to let drivers know when city centre traffic is at its peak so they can opt to use Park & Ride before reaching the centre, rather than facing possible delays.

The Forum and John Lewis are also using traffic marshals at the entrances to their car parks to help make sure any queues don’t obstruct general traffic, while Norwich police will have officers on hand to provide support for traffic management if needed.

Traffic management for the Transport for Norwich improvements to the Dereham Road/Sweetbriar Road roundabout will be removed and off-carriageway work will be progressed during this period instead.

Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council are working in partnership with: Castle Mall, First Eastern Counties, the Forum, intu Chapelfield, John Lewis, Konectbus, Norfolk Constabulary and Norwich Business Improvement District.

Get Ready for Winter

‘Get Ready for Winter’ is a campaign run and implemented by the Met Office on behalf of the Cabinet Office.

Get Ready for Winter joins up messages from Government and voluntary sector partners to encourage individuals, families and communities to think about winter preparations they can make to help them stay warm, healthy and safe.

Members of the public visiting the Met Office website for the latest weather forecast are able to access up-to-date expert advice from carefully selected organisations to ensure they can prepare for and respond to the weather, to stay safe and protect their property.

Please see attached winter ready checklist – winter ready checklist 2017

Have your say on policing as PCC and Chief Constable come to Long Stratton

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Lorne Green, is taking his public meeting with the county’s Chief Constable ‘on the road’…

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: South Norfolk District Council, Long Stratton
Tuesday 14 November 2017- 5PM

Next week, Lorne and Chief Constable Simon Bailey will be heading to South Norfolk for their Police Accountability Forum meeting – the first one since the Chief Constable announced his proposed changes to the county’s policing model.

The formal business of the meeting will focus on the progress being made by the Force in delivering the priorities set by the PCC in Norfolk’s Police and Crime Plan. Those priorities are based on what Norfolk residents told Lorne mattered most to them. He will be keen to seek reassurance from the Chief Constable on behalf of communities that sight of those priorities will not be lost as the change programme advances.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe this part of the meeting to find out more about policing and crime in South Norfolk, as well as how the Constabulary is working to support victims, reduce vulnerability, deliver a modern and innovative service, and ensure taxpayers’ money is used efficiently and effectively.

The meeting will then be followed by an opportunity for people to ask their crime and policing questions. Those attending the meeting will be the first to have direct public access to both the PCC and Chief Constable together since the Norfolk 2020 announcements were made. Those announcements include recruitment of more police officers, removal of the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) role, plans for two new investigation hubs, and other changes to the police estate.

Lorne said: “Long Stratton will be the seventh location to host our regular public meeting and Q&A. We’ve had excellent turnouts in other areas, with all kinds of questions, observations and concerns shared with the Chief Constable and me on issues which clearly matter to local people.

“I’ve made a pledge to be visible, accessible and accountable to the people of Norfolk, and to ensure the Chief Constable and his officers are too. With some big announcements having been made by the Chief Constable since our last outing together, the people of South Norfolk and those attending from further afield will no doubt have questions to ask. I look forward to seeing them in Long Stratton next week.”

The location for Tuesday’s meeting, and public question and answer session, is South Norfolk House (South Norfolk District Council offices), Cygnet Court, Long Stratton, NR15 2XE.

Police Accountability Forum meeting begins at 5pm. The agenda and reports are available on the Norfolk PCC website – http://www.norfolk-pcc.gov.uk
The public question and answer session will follow at 7pm.

Help vulnerable people in Norfolk Stay Well This Winter

With the clocks going back and winter fast approaching, Norfolk County Council Public Health and its partners are encouraging people to look out for others who may struggle to cope during colder weather with the Stay Well This Winter campaign.

Every winter in Norfolk more people fall ill or injure themselves than during any other time of the year, resulting in around 620 additional people dying compared to the summer – and many of these deaths are preventable.

Older people, very young children, pregnant women, those with long-term health conditions and people who live in poor quality housing or are homeless are particularly vulnerable during the winter. While cold weather itself doesn’t often directly make people ill, it can contribute to conditions that lead to illnesses including stroke and heart attack. Flu viruses are also more stable in cold air, making it easier for them to spread and leading to more cases of flu during the winter, which can be life-threatening to some people.

Stay Well This Winter aims to make people aware of what they can do to keep themselves and their family, friends and neighbours in good health during the colder months. The campaign is encouraging everyone in Norfolk to do some simple things that will help prevent vulnerable people being put at risk this winter:

• If you or someone you know is eligible to get a free flu jab on the NHS, make sure they get it. The flu vaccination is offered to those who are at increased risk from the effects of flu. These include children aged 2-8, people aged 65 and over, pregnant women and those with long term health conditions. People can get the free flu jab at many pharmacies, as well as at flu jab clinics at their GP surgery. Find out if you are eligible for the free flu jab at www.nhs.uk/flujab

• Ask your pharmacist which medicines should be in your cabinet and how to help you and your family get through the winter season. Many over-the-counter medicines (including paracetamol and ibuprofen) are available to relieve symptoms of common winter ailments such as cold, sore throat, cough, sinusitis or earache. Always seek advice from your pharmacist at the first sign of a cough or cold before it gets more serious.

• Ensure your home or a vulnerable person’s home is well-heated and insulated – living in cold, damp or mouldy rooms can affect your health. Heat your home, or at the very least the rooms you use regularly, to at least 18°C. If keeping your home warm is a struggle, there is financial help available. For help with paying heating bills, people can apply to the Surviving Winter fund by contacting Age UK Norfolk on 0300 500 1217. There’s more information about the fund at www.norfolkfoundation.com/surviving-winter-2017-18/. To find out if you can get help to make your home more energy efficient visit www.gov.uk/energy-grants-calculator and the Energy Saving Trust provides advice on making your home more energy efficient at www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/home-energy-efficiency

Make sure you or someone you know is keeping warm by dressing appropriately for the cold, wearing several layers which trap warm air better than one bulky layer, moving around regularly if possible and eating hot meals and drinking hot drinks. If you know someone who struggles to prepare nutritious hot meals, meals on wheels may be a good solution – visit www.norfolk.gov.uk/mealsonwheels for more information.

• In periods of cold, icy or snowy weather, it may be difficult for some vulnerable people to get out and about and carry out their usual routine safely. This could mean tasks like picking up prescriptions and buying food go undone, putting people at greater risk of becoming unwell. Check in on people you know who may struggle in wintry weather and consider offering them what support you can to help them cope. If you think someone’s safety is at risk, contact Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020. In an emergency always ring 999.

• Some people, particularly older people, may be at extra risk of injury from falling during the winter, because of ice and snow and also because the cold can reduce people’s mobility, exacerbating conditions such as osteoarthritis and weakening muscles. Falls are the most frequent and serious type of accident in people aged 65 and over, and are the main cause of disability and the leading cause of death from injury among people aged over 75. Reduce the chance of falling over and resulting injury by strengthening muscles through exercise (www.nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/Pages/sitting-exercises-for-older-people.aspx has suggestions for sitting exercises) and by having well-fitting footwear with good grip on the sole – in both shoes and slippers.

Dr Louise Smith, Director of Public Health at Norfolk County Council, said: “Cold homes contribute significantly to poor health but keeping warm can be a real challenge for those on low incomes, older people, and those with limited mobility or long-term conditions such as heart, lung or kidney disease.

“Through Stay Well This Winter we aim to give people practical advice and show them where they can get support to help prevent people from becoming cold and isolated and suffering from ill health.”

As part of the Stay Well This Winter campaign, Norfolk Community Foundation is offering £38,000 worth of community grants to help vulnerable people in the local community who face particular hardship over the winter months. Grants of up to £3,000 each are available for projects such as lunch clubs for the elderly, drop-in services and outreach for the homeless, and befriending schemes. For more information and to apply, visit www.norfolkfoundation.com/funds/communities-that-care-stay-well-this-winter-fund/

Margaret Dewsbury, Chairman of Norfolk County Council’s Communities Committee, said: “We would encourage everyone to check on older or vulnerable neighbours, friends, or relatives to make sure they are okay, that they’re warm enough, especially at night, and have stocks of food and medicines.

“We’re not in the grip of winter yet but there are things you can do now – like having a free flu jab if you’re eligible – to get prepared for the colder months. With a combination of the community fund available and everyone looking out for each other, we hope to make a big difference to how people in Norfolk get through the winter.”

The Stay Well This Winter campaign in Norfolk is being supported by Norfolk County Council Public Health, Norfolk’s NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), district councils, Community Action Norfolk, Norfolk Community Foundation, Age UK, Norfolk Fire Service, libraries and pharmacies.

As well as distributing Stay Well This Winter leaflets to GP surgeries and pharmacies and targeted information being sent via assisted bin collections, information to help people cope through the winter will be shared on social media and tagged with #NorfolkWinter on Twitter.

For more information about Stay Well This Winter, visit www.norfolk.gov.uk/staywellthiswinter

Hornsea Project Three Phase 2 Consultation

As you may know, in September 2017, we held a third round of community consultation events for our Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind development. This additional round of events (Phase 2), was introduced following the publication of the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) in Summer 2017.

The events were an opportunity for members of the local community to view our plans, speak directly with members of the Project team and comment on our proposal at that stage. Attendees were encouraged to capture their thoughts and any concerns by completing one of our feedback forms or by writing to us directly.

We would like to thank everyone who attended these events. All the feedback received at and after the events has been carefully considered by the Project and we have prepared a Phase 2 Consultation Summary Report (attached) – HOW03 Phase 2 Consultation Summary Report. This provides a summary of the views expressed at the events and sets out the next steps for the Project. The report also contains information on the different methods by which you and your community can continue to engage in the consultation process and stay informed as the Project evolves. All our Project documentation is also available to download from our website (www.dongenergy.co.uk/hornseaproject3).

On a final note, DONG Energy is changing its company name to Ørsted. We have sold our oil and gas production business to focus on creating a world that runs entirely on green energy. DONG Energy, short for Danish Oil and Natural Gas, no longer reflects who we are. DONG Energy will continue their work within the local area under the name of Ørsted from 6 November 2017. For more information visit www.orsted.co.uk

Hornsea Project Three Community Newsletter October 2017

Please find attached a copy of the latest Hornsea Project Three community newsletter –Hornsea Project Three October Newsletter. In this newsletter, we provide an update on how our plans are progressing. This includes information on the final round of formal consultation, information on how to get involved and next steps for the Project.

All Project documentation is also available to download from our website (www.dongenergy.co.uk/hornseaprojectthree). Hard copies of the newsletter will be available for members of the public to view at our Community Access Points, which are located across the Consultation Zone (for a full list please see attached) – Community Access Points


Be Winter Ready

UK Power Networks is working with the other Electricity Distribution Networks and our trade body, Energy Networks Association, on a new national campaign called Be Winter Ready.

Be Winter Ready aims to encourage people to prepare in case they experience a power cut or gas emergency this winter.


In recent years the chances of unscheduled problems with electricity and gas supply have dropped dramatically. Since 1990, network companies have invested £80bn in improving the reliability of local energy networks in the UK. As a result, on average, electricity customers have a power cut just once every two years and gas distribution customers will have their gas supply interrupted without advance notice just once every 40 years.

Whilst the UK’s gas and electricity supply is very reliable, bad winter weather can cause damage and disruption.

Steps you can take to ‘Be Winter Ready’:

  • Know your free emergency numbers: In a power cut dial 105 or, for a gas emergency, dial 0800 111999.
  • Prepare your home: Keep a torch handy and get your appliances serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Register as a vulnerable customer: Vulnerable households can get extra support by signing up to the Priority Services Register. Click here to find out more about the Priority Services Register in London, the South and East of England or to sign up.
  • Keep your eyes open: Keep an eye on the weather forecast and, if you have a power cut or a gas emergency, check on your neighbours.