Kickstart Norfolk – Funding Secure for Residents of Rural Norfolk & Relevant Suffolk Areas

With recent government cuts to rural transport and community support, rural social networks are breaking down with a consequent increase in social isolation being experienced amongst many young people residing across Norfolk and Suffolk. Statistics show that the lack of transport is proving to be a major barrier that is preventing individuals from moving forward with their lives, this is due to their inability to attend appointments, engage in community led activities or secure provisions such as employment, education or training.

Kickstart Norfolk and members of the 5 Local Action Groups (LAGs) have recognised this and we are delighted to state that funding has now been secured via the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, to provide a dedicated Rural Scheme for unemployed individuals residing across rural Norfolk and relevant Suffolk areas. As a charity, Kickstart Norfolk can now provide individuals with the opportunity to be issued with their own moped for a period of up to 6-months, and this will allow them to seek and secure the provisions they need to move forward towards employment. It may be the case that an individual requires specialist support and therefore, the transport can be used to attend appointments or to socialise.

Whilst on the Rural Scheme, a dedicated Communication Officer will mentor each individual for up to a period of 2-years, this will provide much needed support to the service user whilst they participate on education or training courses, engage with support provisions or secure employment. Kickstart Norfolk understands that a clients’ needs are best met by having access to a strong and diverse network of experts and over the years, we have forged excellent working relationships with many organisations, foundations and trusts. Should referrals be required to secure the service user additional specialist support, referrals will be made with the consent of the service user.

Further Information:
As a charity, Kickstart Norfolk seek and secure funding to ensure we can provide much needed transport to individuals at an affordable cost and to ensure you are provided with other funding opportunities.

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and Kickstart Norfolk can provide a much-needed transport provision to the residents of your community, removing a major barrier faced by rural residents without transport. The Rural Scheme will enable service users to make a positive move forward with their lives, whether this be by engaging in employment, education or training provisions or engaging on programmes to address personal issues such as mental health or addiction.


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