Hornsea Project Three – Community Newsletter February 2018

Please find attached a copy of the latest Hornsea Project Three community newsletter – Hornsea Project Three – Community Newsletter – February 2018

In this edition, we provide an update on how our plans are progressing. This includes an overview of how your consultation feedback has helped refine the project proposal, updates on our most recent consultation, how you can continue to get involved in the process, and what’s next for the project.

We have also published our onshore cable route and will provide you with an update on some of the key changes we have made to the project as a result of your feedback. You can view the proposed cable route on our Interactive Map on our website (www.hornseaproject3.co.uk) and hear more about the refinement process from our Site and Land Rights Manager – http://hornseaproject3.co.uk/Meet-the-team/Weve-made-some-changes-based-on-your-feedback.

All the project documentation can be found on our website in the Documents Library (www.hornseaproject3.co.uk/en/Documents-library). We’ve also updated our FAQs based on your questions.

You are welcome to share this newsletter more widely with anyone you think may have an interest in our proposal.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,

The Hornsea Project Three Team
Ørsted (formerly DONG Energy)


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