Woodton Primary School

This term we have been looking at The Romans in Key Stage 2 and visited the Time and Tide Museum to learn about them.  The children have also been learning about the general election and have been designing their own parties and manifestos such as free pet care, protection for circus animals, reducing the voting age to 16 and increasing the pay for teachers.  They have also looked at the manifestos of the actual parties, listened to their broadcast and discussed the issues they felt strongly about.  To add to the fun, the children are also busy learning lines, songs and dances for their end of year performance of Treasure Island.

The Reception and Key Stage 1 class have been looking at the Seaside and Summer.  They have learnt all about sun safety and created their own leaflets on being safe when outside in the sun.  They also visited the Sea Life Centre in the pouring rain, which stopped them going onto the beach, but as always were on their best behaviour.    Their favourite creatures were the Sting Rays and the Giant Turtle.

Both classes had good fun going over to Ellingham to see the visiting circus and try out new skills.



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