Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership

The Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership (NBP) was established in 1996 and is a partnership of 23 partner organisations. It works through a number of “Topic Groups” to enhance and conserve Norfolk’s natural heritage.

The NBP has sought to give nature a voice in Norfolk and above all, to show that the conservation of the natural environment is not an option: it is critical to our economic prosperity, our health and lifestyles. You can read more about the NBP and the work of NBP Co-ordinator, Anne Casey (Ann spoke at the Summer Conference), at

The NBP’s “Communities and Nature” Topic Group has an active membership drawn from many organisations including The Conservation Volunteers; Norfolk Wildlife Trust; Natural England; Norwich City Council; RSPB; local district councils, NorfolkALC and Norfolk County Council.

The Group meets to share news and ideas and to support community action for biodiversity across Norfolk.

It encourages:

  • a greater appreciation of nature at a local level;
  • care for the natural environment at a community level;
  • long-term gains for local nature sites (for example, by encouraging the development of site management plans)

The Group has set up a Directory of Community Biodiversity Projects in Norfolk which is a brilliant resource for finding volunteer groups and projects near where you live.


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